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Love is the Ultimate Magic
Historical and Futuristic Erotic Fiction
Happy All Saint's Day 
1st-Nov-2009 08:04 am
Hi everyone!

    I really need to post more often. Well, this month I hope to do more, especially as I'm trying to get back on the "Write every day" bandwagon in the spirit of so many friends committed to NaNoWriMo. I'm blessed with so many talented friends and I encourage them to finish their incredible novels and get them out to be published! The world must know!

   I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe Halloween and that no cavities will erupt from the candy-fest. It was very quiet at our house, with only a few trick or treaters. But it was a nice night, with French onion soup (you know, that hot stringy cheese can be scary!) and me trying out more tricks with Movie Maker. Yep, I'm back to designing, directing and producing my own book trailers!

For Match Made by Moonlight:

And for Sea of Pearls:

I promise, I'll write more soon!

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