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Love is the Ultimate Magic
Historical and Futuristic Erotic Fiction
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26th-Jan-2020 07:46 pm - I have moved
Hello, my homepage has moved. Please visit my new website at

6th-May-2017 04:12 pm - Upcoming books

Book Trailers

My Latest Release:

Other Recent Releases:


Welcome to my website, come take a peak at my books and talk about them! Please feel free to leave comments or ask questions, I always love to hear from my readers!!!!

Thank you for reading! Your comments and questions are very much appreciated. And always remember, love is the ultimate magic . If you don't have a livejournal account,. please feel free to email me at elalowe@gmail.com

I'm entered in the Night Owl Romance Kiss Scene Writing Contest! Click on the link above to read the hot kissing scenes written by published and aspiring authors, and then vote (for me!) My scene is from my current work in progress, and is titled "Aunt Matilda's Lessons". Even if you don't vote for me, come read the hot scenes and get in the holiday kissing mood!
11th-Nov-2009 10:27 am - Don't Wait is here!

It's out today! Don't Wait.

I'm so happy. I love this story, and I worked hard to take it out of fanfiction land and into the realm of original work. I just want to tell all the great fanfic authors out there , that you can move from fanfic to original and get published! I believe in you!

It's a good day!

Don't Wait up
By: Elaine Lowe


Rebecca Jones has wanted to lick Gabriel Ramirez from nose to toes since they were in high school. He’s her best friend and she’s sure that he lusts after her as much as she craves him. But they never manage to take that final leap.


A physics grad student, Becca spends far too much time in the lab. One rainy night, Gabe visits and the catastrophic combination of a half-finished prototype, an earthquake and lightning result in Gabe being zapped out of existence. Or is he?


While Becca reflects on the importance of taking chances, Gabe experiences carnal bliss. If he returns, he definitely plans on teaching his Becca how much pleasure they can experience together.

1st-Nov-2009 08:04 am - Happy All Saint's Day
Hi everyone!

    I really need to post more often. Well, this month I hope to do more, especially as I'm trying to get back on the "Write every day" bandwagon in the spirit of so many friends committed to NaNoWriMo. I'm blessed with so many talented friends and I encourage them to finish their incredible novels and get them out to be published! The world must know!

   I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe Halloween and that no cavities will erupt from the candy-fest. It was very quiet at our house, with only a few trick or treaters. But it was a nice night, with French onion soup (you know, that hot stringy cheese can be scary!) and me trying out more tricks with Movie Maker. Yep, I'm back to designing, directing and producing my own book trailers!

For Match Made by Moonlight:

And for Sea of Pearls:

I promise, I'll write more soon!

19th-Oct-2009 09:14 am - I'm on the radio!!!!!
Hello everyone!

   I'm very excited, I'm going to be doing an internet radio interview with Cat Johnson Tonight at 10pm Eastern, 7 pm Pacific time.

Wish me luck. I've got butterflies. I get to talk about one of my favorite books, the first book I wrote, Match Made by Moonlight.

Also, I got a great review for my latest release, Foretell the Flame, from the ever useful and insightful Night Owl Romance:


4/5 Hearts
By Arianne:
1805 Italy, Contessa Cassandra is in a bad marriage. The Conte rapes and drugs his wife so she will have real visions of the future. He wants her to have visions about gambling futures so he can cash in but all she has visions of are people at war and her dream lover, which he does not know about at all. The Conte decides since he bought his wife, he should sell her to Napoleon’s army so her visions could be put to use for the army. Tash, a Magi is looking for his beloved ashavi, his life mate, and dreams of her at night. Cassandra is Tash’s ashavi. Will these two ever get together in the story since they have different backgrounds?
Mrs. Lowe has blended and weaved a tale of suspense and excitement in only eighty-six pages. The characters have personality and intelligence to spare. This story will hold readers attention until the very end.

9th-Sep-2009 09:02 am - New release today!!

Foretell the Flame up
By: Elaine Lowe

(Read Excerpt) E-mail this product to a friend

A stand-alone story in the Passion Magic series.


A prisoner of her greedy husband and clairvoyant visions, Contessa Cassandra di Lucana dreams of her gypsy lover. His kisses, his hands, his cock inside her. He teaches her everything she’s never known about love and ignites passions hot enough to burn. He keeps her sane when death seems the only escape.


Tash Pourtales is impatient for his mate, his ashavi, to find him. Dreams of making love to her are not enough—he needs to worship her. Within moments of meeting, their need drives them together and their fiery completion seals their bond. Husbands, French generals and family prejudice be damned.

Unfortunately, they don't have the darn cover up on the Buy site...sigh....But I'm still happy. Proves that I can reclaim a rejected story and make it better, faster, stronger, hotter.  Go me!

/shameless plug

14th-Jul-2009 10:20 am - Happy Bastille Day!

Happy Bastille Day!

Happy Bastille Day!

Ah, Paris.

Well, France actually. Sweet memories and lots of fantasies. There's something about France that calls to the romantic. I may only have a tiny amount of French blood in my veins, but a large part of my heart will always be at home on the Ile St. Louis in an apartment over a bakery, with the scent of roasting coffee and raisin bread to wake me up to a gray morning in the City of Light. Another part will be dashing across the French countryside in a sprung carriage, racing away from Chauvalin, the Scarlet Pimpernel by my side as we make for the coast and freedom. For me, France is a fantasy and reality all blissfully intertwined.

Bastille Day, when the French celebrate all that is Frenchness. The food, the wine, the philosophy, the song. I spent one Bastille Day on French soil, in Tours, where my companions attempted to get the DJ of a karaoke bar to play Mariah Carey song. I tried to explain, it's like trying to get an American DJ to play a French song on the Fourth of July. It's just not happening.

Bastille Day, when dashing heroes are rescuing maidens imperiled in the madness of the Revolution, and getting a very thorough reward for their efforts. Petticoats and passionate French kisses. Powdered wigs and powder kegs.

France is a land of beauty and attitude, of soft dappled light and lush countryside. A hedonists dream, and a land made to explore every sort of passion. Love is a little more free there than anywhere else, and passions run a little hotter when whispered in the language of romance.

I have yet to find the perfect plot to reflect my deep love for France, but once I do, I will glory in writing about the land, the people, and the passion of France. But for now, I will make crepes for dinner, spend money on a good Brie and a bottle of wine, and drink a toast to romance and to France.

Elaine Lowe is a work-at-home mom in Silicon Valley. She misses traveling intensely, but makes up for it in her imagination, and is current working on books set in Bristol, England and Waimea, Hawaii. Check out her website and her books at www.elainelowenovels.com
25th-Jun-2009 10:16 am - Movin' and Groovin' but not Writin'
I love to write, really I do. It's cheaper than therapy! And besides, it's so much fun to tell a story and fall in love with your characters. But sometimes, in order to tell a better story, you've got to take a step back and take a break and take care of yourself. I'm currently on a short writing hiatus from my daily word count goals, in order to get my health in order.

I live with a lot of challenges, though a lot less than some people. I have diabetes, thyroiditis and a whole host of other weird and strange illnesses and responsibilities that make me not the most ideal 9-5 type worker. But, I'm trying to fight back lately and control my diabetes better.

And that takes eating right, and exercise. I am not fond of exercise. Not just the effort of it, but the time it takes up. I could be reading, or writing, or playing with my five year old, or working on some of my many part-time jobs. But, I have to do it, and if I must, it might as well be fun.

So I've been traveling, assembling what I call my "global workout". I've got tapes of yoga from India, bellydancing from the Middle East, hula from Hawaii, and Latin dancing from Brazil. Not only is it a lot more fun than my stationary bike, but my mind gets to wander to interesting places while I'm sweating away.

I've already got key plot points squared away for a Hawaii story, which continues to grow each time I shake my hips. I've got a Brazil story percolating, and I'm sure the bellydancing will bear story-fruit soon. Probably before my abs stop aching from all those belly rolls and hip drops.

Now, if I could just forget the food cravings that go along with these places, the pounds would just drop away! Still, I'll be writing again soon with all this inspiration…and there's always that fantasy about my own personal trainer to explore!

Elaine Lowe
I know I got halfway decent sleep last night because I had a dream. I dream a lot, and I tend to remember them. Especially the weird ones. Sometimes they are even inspiring.

This one was sad and happy and terrifying and thought provoking all at the same time. I woke up slightly shocked and trying to reshuffle the facts of my life back into place in their correct order.  I think part of this dream was inspired by watching the whole season of Fringe a couple of weeks ago in a three day time span, and partially by working on three different manuscripts at the same time.

Basically, I was visiting my grandmother at her house in Geauga County, OH. She was pretty spry for 91, but my husband and I were helping to cook her some meals to freeze while Alex was running around banging on the piano. Only, I was looking at her mixer as I was baking something, and then I thought evilly, "I wonder if anyone will appreciate this someday when Grandma passes." Then the worst sense of deja vu hit, and I realized....she already had. In fact, she's been dead for ten years.

Then suddenly I was in in a bustling foreign city, with palm trees swaying in thick humid air. My husband was trying to shake me awake. Turns out we were visiting some friend of his cousin YY in Indonesia. And I asked suddenly, "Where's Alex?" And Larry began to cry. My son Alex had apparently died two years previously, and we'd been travelling ever since. I was filled with horror, and then I was back home, working in the garden and watching Alex swinging on his swingset and singing. 

It was as though I had touched different versions of my life, and I could suddenly see all the possibilities laid out before me in terrifying reality.

It made me realize how happy I really am, and how blessed.

I hope I can simply turn this into inspiration. And hug Alex extra tight.
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